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Re Tla Go Bona Take 2

Dumelang Gape Ditsala Tsame (Hello again my friends!! )

So the pictures for this second addition is below. Please enjoy!

So I hope this reaches you all we.. Thanks for all you support with the GLOW Camp. Ke alebogile botho. (Thank you my people) I have reached my goal for $500 for my girls to attend GLOW camp and as a group we have about $500 to go. So we thank you in advance. Please continue to give so that all our girls can make it to the camp… there will be more projects to come.

Be well and Be blessed…


Dumela! So i have some friend state side who have a blog that i check every once in a while. They post something called " NO Word Wednesday".. So on wednesday the simply post a picture… Therefore in effort to get back in the habit of writing i figured i would try this… no promises to how often but i’ll try to 2 times a month.

Side note: One of the reason i don’t write is bc it’s do hard to login and post.. so from now on i will be posting via email. WordPress has an option to post to your page by emailing your post to your site. I am not sure what this will mean for pictures with post but its worth a try… enjoy

RE TLA GO BONA means.. We will See

So here’s your picture..

LMS Church at Old Palapaye.. (Old Palapaye is like what Williamsburg, Virginia may have been like before costume and all the rebuilding and restoration.. This is the remains of London Missionary Society who settled in this community with Botswana. It’s about 2.5hr from me. Went on a day trip with some fellow friend walked to the waterfall. Great Saturday!


Dumelang Bomma le Borre,

Ke Naledi… Naledi wa gago mo Botswana. ( It’s Naledi your star in Botswana). In case you do not know my name in Botswana is Naledi.. it means Star!! I feel it is appropriate.. for many reasons.. but that could take more time than the internet will allow. So instead of Salewa they call me star or just Naledi. I really hope that this reaches all of you well and that you and family are all ok. Those of you who are affected by the storms Stateside i know I assume on the side that no news is good news. So i take it you are all well. i know it was weeks ago bt wanted you to know i was thinking of you all.. Also i wanted to update you on what i’ve been up too while i’ve been here and ask for you help with a project,,

As some of you know, i have specific interest and women and adolescent reproductive health and have been given the opportunity to work with young women at the local junior secondary school, which is grades 8 -10, in Tonota (my village)while i have been in Botswana. The young girls serve as peer educators within the schools and are all setting goals to go to college and wait to have children.. they want to be stars to stop teenage pregnancy and be leaders in their community to support youth and work against HIV and AIDS. They say they want to be stars like me because some of them think it’s cool to that i have gone to grad school as a young woman and that i get to travel… Although being like me is not the point even though i enjoy the mentorship, we are encouraging them to shine like stars and understand the value of education and the impact that life style choices can have on their lives.

In order to continue to support these young ladies and others like them my fellow volunteers and I are organizing a GLOW " Girls Leading Our world" Camp that will focus on leadership, adolescent health/life skill and creativity development. We along with our local counterparts believe these skills are essential for the growth and development of the girls in our communities because we want to encourage active involvement in school and their communities both inside and outside the homes. Likewise, we want girls to understand safe behaviors as well as goal setting and study skills. Finally, we want the young ladies to practice expressing themselves as a way for recognizing that they have a voice to be heard and as a way of developing creative thinking and reflection skills.

In Botswana as in many countries women make up a greater percentage of vulnerable populations so you may ask why is this unique.. In Botswana the six of us (Sydney, Lucie, Teresa, Heather, Christina and Todd) primarily live in the Central District which has the highest rates of HIV and AIDS in a country that has the second highest HIV and AIDS rate. Specific to Tonota, there is an increasing rate of teenage pregnancy which is often correlated with drop out rates in which re-enrollment rates post pregnancy are low. We know from experience and from voices of past participants that GLOW camps have had an impact in the lives and goal of young women and their mentors. So we want the legacy to continue.

Each volunteers will be bringing 5/6 girls from each of their communities to attend the camp for five days. In order to hold the camp we have been granted a Peace Corps Partnership project.. this means we are a project supported and identified by peace corps for Botswana. This enable us to request for funding from friends and family. One thing that is unique to this status is that in order to be approve amongst other criteria the communities have to donate approximately 30% of the cost of the total project. Our communities have signed to support 36% of the project. Therefore each volunteer is asking help to support their girls.

Tonota my village.. will be taking 5 girls to the camp. I am writing to request your support for my five young ladies. To fund a young girl to attend the Camp is $100 so each of us has been tasked with the goal of raising $500. Any I am asking you to please individually or get together to sponsor a girl… To donate please visit the following website Peace Botswana GLOW; Girls Empowerment Camp go to look up Botswana and find Girl Empowerment camp under the name Sydney Lambson or project number 637-094 and donate. All amounts of donations will be accepted and are tax deductible. Our only request is that we are asking that you allow you name if you wish to be shared with us as volunteers so that we can keep you updated on the camp and the girls.

Thank you again for all your support during my service.. I couldn’t make with out each of you.

As for me, we are finally out of the grand ole winter season of Botswana. And don’t let any one ever tell you that it does not get cold in Africa because it would be such an ignorant statement because it was snowing in eastern cape South Africa and Aus mid august. which means that Botswana despite it’s land lock status receives the winds and energy associated with the cold weather.. ( which by the way sucked for my garden as my eggplants froze) But now the spring time is here and summer’s bright eyes and bushy tail is hopping along the corner. The summer last basically from mid sep/ early oct to March .. December/ Jan being the worst.. which really means it is a great time for you to get out of the cold between December and March and bloom by visiting me.

Batsadi bame ba go etela nna mo Botswana Ka December (My parents are visiting me in December bt literarily it says.. the parents of mine, they are visiting me in Botswana at december). So you all should join in the party. Yeah.. i’m learning a new language and kinda getting the basics finally but it is still a mystery to me. But it make people really smile when they hear my introduce myself in Setswana.. they are so proud ( but in the inside i keep thinking this sounds a mess but "ke a leka" ( i am trying). However, all you need to know when you visit is DUMELA ( DU MEH LAH).. it means hello… say it just like it looks. That is how you greet someone. Anyway, i am managing day by day re evaluating Public Health and integration of community outreach and behavior change education in the work regarding sexual reproductive health. It is really interesting as it also makes me look at the way money is used and it also makes me reexamine some of my thoughts about educational and outreach strategies. Furthermore, is also make some rethink about the goals and objectives of international funding as well as the structure and design of various implementations. Overall the work has been interesting to watch how they do what they do..

As a volunteer who focuses on CBP ( community based practices) one tries to not have an outsider view that suggest that i have answers to solve their problems but instead attempts to generate ideas from within as long as there is community buy-in that there are problems that require solutions.. But the thing about public health is that it changes the ones way of life for the public/social good. For example. water filtration… the notion itself that germs in water cause infections that are detrimental to our bodies that if we " the Public" did not experience our lives would be better. So something like a basic screening on windows to block mosquitos and malaria.. ( This is the reason i spent a whole sunday cutting up mosquito nets. So that instead of covering me at night, they now cover half the windows and all the doors in my house). Anyway i digress. One can only follow community base strategies.. by realizing that their there mere presence is a new idea within itself and in that way you have some sort of impact or small ripple in the waves that make up each day in time.

This journey in Botswana is my ripple in i am asking you to help support new waves in the lives of these young girls.

To donate please visit the following website Peace Botswana GLOW; Girls Empowerment Camp go to look up Botswana and find Girl Empowerment camp under the name Sydney Lambson or project number 637-094 and donate. All amounts of donations will be accepted and are tax deductible.

In addition to the student clubs.. we hope to start a reading program to keep them busy during holiday. I facilitate and coordinate community conversation using STEPs video. STEPS stands for Social Transformation Empowerment Project…. I along with the 10 to 15 facilitators i have trained show films to engage all communities and ages to talk openly about there views and concerns with respect to Sexual and reproductive health and it’s impact with in the communities that they live in. Remember that community can be defined in various manner from workplace to neighbors, schools and or families.. This is essential because talking about SRH issues is not something that Batswana do openly it creates a sort of safe zone for a moment in time to talk and come up with ideas about why things are the way they are and identify how each group or individual can start a ripple of change.. by sharing lessons learned and talking about it with others.. and then working collectively to make things new….the say goes reading is fundamental.. but i our case.. so is talking is equally fundamental.. Conversations enable individuals to express themselves, justify and debate views and continue sharing both positive and negative of our actions. For example one of the biggest issues outside of multiple partners at a time still continues to be Stigma and Discrimination… One in which and on going conversation still need to happen especially when someone says yes.. you can get HIV from sharing utensil because exchange of saliva or simply by touching something they use so you shld leave them alone give them space.. Now image having same conversation with parents and children.. where the children adamantly say "No mma your wrong you cannot get HIV in that way… a person with HIV is still a person so we should treat then the same" and their parents say yes.. a sick person is still sick… You leave them be to get well. …. when parents and children share such varying opinions in culture where elders are respected and not directly corrected it tell us there is an on going need to continue dialogue…. and so i go with the project..It has brought up fascinating points..which i really enjoy at least those i can follow when the Setswana is spoken at a level i comprehend… it’s all exciting..

I could keep going but i gotta run.. Just wanted to update you on what i am doing and ask for your help.. Hope your enjoy your cooler nights while i’m melting in the spring heat.. I believe today High was 92!..and tomorrow.. i’ll probably leave my house before seven so that i can get to work before i sweat off my work clothes.. reminds me of walking to work in the swamp city that is DC.. i"llbe back there soon enough.. :)


-Naledi/ Salewa Oyelaran

ps: if you would like to pass on the message.. please do so.. However, i have a brief request for support that you can forward just ask and ill email it to you.

2011 SO far

Hey All… so my new years resolution to write more often was a flop… so instead i figured.. i would at least share some picures with you..

These are all albums from Facebook. You do not have to be on facebook to look at them. I figured since not everyone is on FB i would simply share them with you. Stories to come hopefully..

Love all of you!!

Christmas at Cattle Post / New Years in Cape Town ( Dec 2010)

Botswana Style Barbeque and Party at Mi Casa ( April 2 2011)

My Visit Home!!! ( May- June 2011)

Michelle Obama Visit: (June 24, 2011)


Happy Trail from Gaborone, Soweto, JoBurg and Captown part one..!!



Like the Tree I wish you long life and continued growth through all that comes your way.. and I of you three things..please enjoy the this year.. smile and buy a ticket to come visit or send me a care package with a pic of you!!

So it’ 1.11.11.. There must be some kind of luck on this day… I did read that if you take the year you were born add your age and add 11 you will get 111. However I think this only works if you were born before 2000. So I will bless you with loads of pictures.. from the past 9 months.. I figure I would also start with the new year with the excitement of the what happening now.. even though I know that I still owe you all in fo from sep to Nov.

So I spent my holiday outside of Bots or at least that is outside of Tonota…AMEN.. while tonota is actually a nice village I think that maybe there are thing that I really need acess to in order to live a rural life.. I mean even my John Deere girl Amy who is from farmville Maryland has a grocery store she can drive too. So anyway.. I jetted town.. headed to Gaborone for christmas holiday….. So christmas was actually spent on the farm.. I went to the cattlepost with a coworker.. and as I mentioned in the album.. below beautiful and cow are two word I would never put together but these cows on the cattle ranch were beautiful.. .. which really shows that one takes pride in the work that they do…. I mean really.. in case I never mentioned it.. there are more cows in Botswana than there are people. This country produces a significant amount of beef… so don’t plan on them having sympathy for you if your vegetarian ( however they do have a great soy/ veggie frozen food options.. which I don’t understand but it make me happy). But where all this beef goes I don’t know…. Cattle ranching is serious business here.. ( watch beginning of “ Number one Ladies Detective Agency” you will see how Mma Romotswa is living off the cattle he father left her. As you do well for yourself.. you should invest in some land followed by cattle… Infact you value as a potential husband is based on your ability to pay the bride price “Labola” Depending on where you are from you pay anywhere between I think 4, 6, 8, 12 cows.. That is some serious business.. I don’t recall the pricing associated with such things but it’s probably somewhere in the wikipedia page for botswana. back to vacation story..

So we left around 7am..maybe it was six drove around looking for ice.. drove through Mochudi.. which Is a huge village…side track..(I don’t really know the distinction between city town village.. but Mochudi is huge.. Much bigger than Tonota yet both are villages.. even the capital city Gaborone is a town not a city so who knows. ) really we where driving around looking for Ice. Cause you can’t just go to the gas station and buy ice on christmas day… Then after buying ice at someone yard..( they sell ice blocks….sometimes it’s made in the back kitchen of the house.. sometimes they buy huge blocks cut and resell… everything is a business here..) continuing… after an 1.5 hr into the bush we arrived in the bush.. where for the next 6-8 hrs we attempted to watch the cloud, drink, listen to music, watch the cows, watch children dance and enjoy the simple life.. I went my coworker her brothers and her parents…. As always it is nice to have a home to run too and a family to say hi.. They said if I stay here long enough i’ll get my own cattle from them.. I say great start it now and I;ll send my children to come and visit the cattle in several years. .. So the way it works.. is that you pay for cattle to be married.. then you build your family.. your ( the husband) start your cattle ranch with cattle for your wife, and a set for each of your children and when your children move away and or start their own they have a small set to start for themselves.. but must note that you don’t have to be married to start your own ranch.. but you shld do it well… so hire someone who know how to care for animals and treat them.. that way you don’t worry about them while you live you city or town life… ( Apparently.. I am to learn to milk a cow and to skin a goat.. there will be a definite immediate posting if wither of these things occur. ) So if my children read this one day and find out i’v willed them a cattle ranch in Botswana.. they will know how it started..

So even though I was in a serene place…there are no holidays for me with out the almost quarterly sinus infection….i was sick with a cold.. and nothing seemed to num the pain.. although I did drink a ton of home made ginger drink.. “ great stuff if I find the recipe or get it from precious’ mom I will post that too. ( this is what I get for thinking I could travel without cold medicine and my netti pot” So I returned christmas night to fellow volunteers house in gabs where I attempted to recouperate all sunday and monday. However, this was at the expense of seeing my host family.. so i’m really in some deep stuff.. as they have not seen me since June nor have they really heard from me.. EISH.. mosadi.. o nale mathata.. “ oh…lady you have a problem”.. and that I do. Can you imagine not speaking to your parents for 6 months.. So I must figure out a way to make it up..

Mkgokgo Family, Mphoyanna, Mma, Mpho

Rati… I think is short for Lorato Rra Mkgokgo

Oh yeah.. Let me know forget Jane’s house. So fellow PCV jane is the in the DAC office in Gabs.. same office that I work for. We have similar challenges and sucesses and as always it is great so take the time to share lessons learned stories and sucesses with each other.. as it is great for your sanity and for making sure one is not isolated in there observations.. Feeling alone (like ur the only one which in most cases you are), unsupported in a village ( because you get tired of explaining yourself and why you have different values or belief.. But part of peace corp is a cultural exchange) I say all this because although it is something I don’t often say.. it is nice to be american and around other americans cause you guard goes down and you can express your self freely and you can share…. what is really frustrating you or making you excited. But I must say I do have some Batswana friends here that I can talk too honestly with out them being offended and I have a good CP ‘ counterpart” the beautiful Mma Losike who supports and listen. ( see pic below) Anyway, Jane is a PA. So she has provide great insight about my desires to become a PA.. ( I know more school bt I promise this is it..) anyway. So she brought me back to health with organic meals from here garden.. and rest and medicine… but seriously she does not go grocery shopping because she gets what she need from her garden.. ( see pic below). Fresh fried green tomatoes.. great treat.. It is pretty awesome.. so I will be trying my hand at my own garden with in next month. So send seeds..
Jane has Fig, pomegranate, lemon trees and harvested tomatoes, spinach/kale, bell/ hot pepers, pumpkins, squash, carrots, and is growing okra, garlic, more kale/ tomatoes, corn, will be trying broccoli again… New name to sustainable gardening

Mma Losike

On tuesday morning I packed up the back pack and headed to the bus rank where I met Aaron, Abby and Charles.. we hoped on the combi.. which is like a mini bus.. and left about 7:30 for Joburg… I thought we would be in the cramped combi but thank god it was a SA minibus.. which was very comfortable.. 15 seater with only 15 people instead of a 15 seater with 20 people in it. We acrosed the border after abt 30 minutes in to GP which is Guateng Province.. I think ( see below). And about 5 hrs later we arrive in Soweto/ Jo burg. We got off before the Soweto township with bags in tow.. and toured the So we to.. which is actually South Western Township.. if I recall correctly.. It is much nicer than the picture you get of it. Shopping centers, mansions, middle class and of course there are the shack cities you see but as is anywhere there will always be some sense of poverty or low income places.. But don’t be fooled.. I think Soweto maybe nicer than Joburg.. Oh yah.. we drove ny soccer city.. too bad it wasnt world cup fever but never the less it was nice huge stadium and the office buildings and parks near by are beautiful too. Anyway, as far as I can tell.. there was not much to Joburg… so it’s better one stays in the suburbs of Joburg than anything else. Jobrug suburbs are nice.. “ I spent the night a a cute hostel in Joburg managed by a very nice family from Zamibia or Anyway, we heard to the Apartied Museum which I have to say I didn’t want to go.. because really I get tired of historical museums but it your ever in Soweto or Joburg.. PLEASE GO… I learned a lot being there and I got to see the Mandela exhibit which was great.. You cannot however take picture while you in the museum only outside.. so This is what I got!!

After evening dancing in Joburg.. I head for my flight at the OR TAMBO airport.. Which is a lovely airport one of the nicest i’ve been too .. guess world cup did great things for the future travelers of SA.. but it was kinda interesting to think 8 mnth earlier I has left home and was going through customs in the same airport with 58 other strangers of whom I am now friends with to a country I knew absolutely nothing about and now when I go through border immigration I walk through as a resident.. wow.. life brings you new things.. so it’s all in how you take it.. so please I urge each of you to enjoy it and worry later..

Next Stop and Nest Entry Cape town…. in the mean time enjoy this Holiday Album courtesy of Face Book.. You don’t need face book to view..

Christmas in summer time… it’s caring time.. carepackages that is…

So a couple people have asked what i wanted for Christmas… so I composed a list of things that will work for the next 1.5 years.. in case you decide to send a care package as time goes on. In effort to not make it seem like a list i added commentary..

1. You.. Let me know if your interested in Visiting.
2. Recent Pictures of Friends & Family
3. Letters, Cards, Post Cards, Packages… that remind me of home and each other. Example.. I got a post card of Old Salem from a friend that thought it would bring back memories.. as it did.. Thanks OZI!
4. Skype account: add me omosalewa.oye.. ( signal is low but at times we can get a good block and get up to 20-30 minutes with and without video)

Entertainment: So right now.. my entertainment is facebook.. talk about waisting you like away.. seriously so i am committing to writing commentary for my blog and attempting to actually finishing the books that ihave started.. oh yeah.. i do watch lots of films.. so i came here with an empty terabyte hardrive of which i have managed to fill with 500 GB of movies, tv shows and file.. i did not think that was possible. but media is hard to get and easy to share as we volunteer make effort so share with each other. ( PS if you get a external drive and are coming to Africa.. get one that you don’t have to plug in . Although i will say i love my external drive) oh yeah.. don’t format the whole thing same space for something else.. especially if you have a mac) So let not forget the bugs here also provide for entertainment as i watch them go to the light…

Movies; Downloaded on Stick and mail. any kind… try me this is the time for new things i will watch anything watched movie call in Brudges… don’t recommend.. but i watched the whole thing to pass time and not sleep at 7:30pm.
Blank CDs: Unlike most volunteers i have been blessed with a TV and DVD player so something to burn these movies on to so as not to stare at the computer screen for hours would be nice.
Old Magazines.. any kind.. if I dont read them the office/ in coming students will
Newspapers: You know i don’t know what is going on outside of tonota..
Games and Puzzles:
Children’s picture books ( For the Library)
Podcast: NPR ( think saturday mornings and sunday afteroon) or PRI ( any of them) Did you see the Nov status update on cleaning.. who ever thought cleaning would create memories..

TV shows (.avi format preferred but not necessary) anything show is worth watching if you send the whole season
Other Miscellaneous:
CARMEX Lip Gloss Lots..
Travel microfiber Camping towel
Cotton Double Sheet set
Calendar/ day Planner
Candy for the kids..
Old T-shirts: good for wearing or trading. Also, girls will always appreciate simple tank tops or camisoles. They tell us not to bring any because they’re not “culturally appropriate,” but that’s a big ol’ fib.
Ziplocs, ziplocs, ziplocs: good for keeping rodents etc. out of whatever you’re mailing, and endlessly useful afterwards, as well. Big, medium, small, super-duper-big, it’s all good.

Project Related: ( outside of books/magazine) you may want to wait on this
1. Youth (ages 17- 30) Center/ Resource Center for young adults: This will be one of my projects in the future.. not sure what we will need but if you think of something for them send. ( income generating support, typing, creative ideas, volunteering, etc don’t know) will be for in and out of school individuals.( Youth is defined as a age category 18/19 to 30). Right Now just think of ideas.. office supplies..
Maps of the U.S. old maps and atlases would be great
Construction Paper
Tape scotch and masking
Index Cards
2. Young Womens Empowerment Project ( details to come)
3. Business Development Workshops/ Training.

Food: ( You may wonder if I have become a vegetarian after reading but no worries there are enough cows (dikgomo, chickens (dikoko) and goats (dipodi)to feed the world here.. I just don’t partake of too many of them)
For those concern about my intake.. i am not melting way and i eat food.. it’s just a new and different diet.. maybe i;ll do a post of food so you can see it for yourself.. but i eat porridge, apples, crackers, spinach like salad, RICE.. ( you know i love me some RICE), Walter if your reading this i made your cucumber salad.. great as usual.. I can make my Aunt Betty’s Carrot salad, lots of JUICE.. i drink fruit juice in a can.. it sells like they sell soda here.. Love it.. oh yeah i drink water.. They actually do have great soy/ dairy free product line called frys.. it maybe better than BOCA if you know what that is.. so watch out

My Counterpart has requested GUM: Specifically ORBITZ ( no mint flavours) of all things that is what she wants so if you happen to pick one up while you checking out of the grocery store add that to our package..

I like: ( any goodies really) i have been slowly finding where to find things around this country..
Dried fruit, soy protein or just protein shakes
Nuts: walnuts, pistachios, almonds, cashews
Granola Bars: things of that sort.
Tea, Honey
Junk food: Oreos, Cheezits, peanut M&M, Easy Mac(but only if you also send the Lactaid pills),etc surprise me.. if I don’t eat it.. trust me someone here will. Nothing goes wasted.. as there is always an available mouth.. even if they just ate a pill of food there is always room for seconds.. the bottom less pit really is and understatement.. (not that i should not comment on the obesity level of US residents but some individual amazes me: wish i could take a picture of a plate to explain).

Soup/Season packets for taco mix, chili, italian seasoning, ranch dressing powder, Thai food, sazon, etc (or any kind of random spices in baggies that you might buy in a bulk section of a natural foods store) oh yeah HOT SAUCE ( it’s not a common thing here), Old Bay, Mrs. Dash, ( any seasonings I will find or make new recipe to use it)
PS: Thanks MARCY for the seasoning and peanut m&ms you sent. loved it!!

Sauces: you know like asian sauces.. or packaged sauce..
Things to flavor water (country time lemonade.. if you want me to laugh u will send kool-aid red totally joking as i was officially band from making kool-aid in 2001)
If you live near whole foods, moms, trader joe”s of any such place. Think of me when you go shopping and surprise me with a treat..

Personal Treats:
I’m doing pretty well on the necessities so I would just love some stuff to make me feel pretty.  Bath stuff and things like that. ( email me if you really wanna know what i need personally and i will let you know.. but otherwise just send me a note and a surprise.) If you stop by the dollar store.. think kitchen stuff send..towels etc.. and think blue.. you know me even in peace corps i try to decorate and color coordinate things..
Bath and Body Works: spirits lotion or shower gel
Hand Sanitizer
Tank Tops or cute shirts for work..
Books to reads: Sudoku, anything about enhancing photography.

Okay so it’s 12:30am now and i have posted everything that i have written in the past week. Hope to have more in another week. Trying to make up for things… Send me your request for what you want to know more about or see by leaving a comment!!

Have a meeting at 7am.. LOVE YA.. hope you have been entertained.

Peace Corps Volunteer and Uni of Michigan School of Public Health

PCV\'s of University of Michigan School of Public Health


So even though, i have not been posting on this blog.. i have been posting random comments about how life is on facebook.. and have realized that not everyone has access to my lovely statements so i am sharing on my blog.. However, i have added commentary.. to the post surround my sanity or lack there of during these times. ( i will just state that at times when i was frustrated or had some epiphany i felt the need to share with the world so you should share in my misery and joy or random though process.) It”ll make more sense when i you see October post i think.. anyway.. enjoy..

Bots Life Via: Facebook Status Updates. November 2010

November 2 at 8:22pm so apparently.. one shld not leave their windows open on second after sunset with any lights on. after days of rain.. both our offices( when we all got to work this morning) and my house ( as we speak) are now full of unwanted visitors…. and i cant even tell you what they are or look like. But someone told me they …are edible…. to bad i’m the one being eaten.. AHH how many more months..
So on this particular day.. we has days of warm or shall I say hot weather that was interrupted by rains.. It was a welcome change for me.. however.. I was not aware that this changed would welcome the minature creatures from the black lagoon. They apparently love the light.. like all bugs do.. but generally do this without thinking.. because it’s as though they have seen the pot of gold because they run for the light and then seem to knock themselves senseless and some how in the process ofit all they lose their wing…( iam not sure if the departure of the wings is an immediatie transformation or a slow metamorphsis in Hades.) Nevertheless, we walked into the office corridor with a SWARM of wings all over. The bermuda triangle of it all is I don’t know what happens to the bodies…. I heard they are a taste treat to the animal around.. However, my house and my office grounds don’t really have any animals around.. so I can’t explain.. apparently.. this specific creatures ( as there are many during this summer season) show up after the rain.. These also include some not so welcomed flying beetles who also take pleasure in doing the hooky pooky and shaking it all about by repeatedly flying into light.. it give a new meaning to going toward ths light.. but it both sense.. going towards the light may be result in transformation into another life or realm depending on what ya believe… All this to say.. Send me Citronella candles.. when you see them on sale.. at least that smells better than the DOOM (RAID LIke).. Spray
November 5 at 3:56pm Ke tlhoafaletse baleluwapa bame le distala tsame. Ke batla go bua le go bona le lona. Wareng yall. Ke lebogela distsala tsame mo Botswana. Ke aleboga nthusa wagago. There is a difference btwn being homesick&just missing folks when the thread that binds your friends&family is the world.. then home is where ur people are… cause the place only has conveniences. people&not things make the world go round.
Translation: I miss my family and friends. I want to see and hear you all. How are you all? I am thankful for my friends in Botswana, I am thankful for all your help.. So on this day… I just needed to be around my people…. when people make a difference in your life you want to be around them… and I was just greatful for all the people around me.
November 9 at 6:06pm Specifically for my PCVs..“Don’t wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions. So what. Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more successful.” -Mark Victor Hansen…. Congrats on 7 months

I think the quote covers it all. But honestly.. I think that this is a great lesson for us all in anything that we attempt in life…. you will never know that something was the right moment until you are looking back so why not start now.. It seems like one is always waiting on something or someone to get things done.. So one has had to remain motivated and to motivate around me to be productive.. It is a great feeling to have something work out whether it is a professional or personal goal.. and to look back and see how far you have come and what you have gained… but we each have to start somewhere.. one more small step forward.. makes a difference in yours and the lives of others.
November 11 at 5:51pm Loving Google Chrome.. i may be late onto this but anything that makes the internet faster on this side of the world is a blessing. Have a great evening yall!!
– At the time, it appeared to be the greatest thing.. but it now appears that the consistent uploading/ refreshingof the pages not the best thing for snail speed internet here… back to Mozilla.. it was good while it lasted.
November 13 at 7:38am I woke up wanting NPR saturday morning line up.. It should be illegal to be in a part of the world where this pleasure is not available. and itunes is too slow to download the podcast.
I was really needing some car talk..this morning.. one of those days when I had cleaning and laundry and whatever else because I has having some friend over and needed my saturday morning drill.. the things you miss. It reminded me of my saturday morning chores when I was younger.. my mother insisted that it was great to learn how to keep a tidy home.. and even though I may have argued or trades chores with my brother like they were trading cards.. I really appreciate this skill…. and to this day love COMET for this reason. Anyway, we use to clean to the Saturday morning NPR series and this day I really wanted it…. Life is odd sometimes..what activities have memories associated with them.
November 18 at 11:58pm   ke tla itse setswana…. ( I will learn setswana.. simple motivation for language week)

November 20 at 11:11pm Quotes of my fabulous day: 1. “Mary to Angel: How can i have a baby if idon’t have a husband…..Mary: Jospeh I have good news i’m going to have a baby. Joseph: How is that a good news ( stage directions: stomp out of the room).. 2. “I’m like mc hammer i’m to legit to quit” (please guess t…he artist/song).. 3 i’m like mav hammer to legit to quit peace core – Salewa
So I attended a primary school (age 4 and 5) graduation with a friend of mine in Maun.. The celebration was also the christmas celebration. And being the primarily christian country that Botswana is.. the story of the birth of jesus.. is the primary message and story being told for this holiday…. So during the christmas play this Mary makes the statements above.. I think that this is absolutely awesome.. especially when we are faced with the very serious issue of HIV, AIDS and MCP.. to be continued. Next post
November 30 at 9:33pm So this is what I got out of lang week: Ga ka kake ka go dira gore o nthate, ke kadira sengwe le senwe go go gaisa, Re ka taboga toropoeng bosigo … Boamaruri…

So during language week we lost our minds and at some point convinced our teacher to simply start telling us our to say parts of different songs.. at first it was silly then I think we all sort of got carried away.. so this is what the statement says.. feel free to send me more lyric to songs that you may want to learn to say in Setswana.. make for fun lessons.. to Our teachers who don’ understand why ones would want to know how to say such phrase.. enjoy..

“i can make you love me, I can do any/everything better than you, we are going to run this town tonight…. It the truth.. very true.” and many more.. but we also did learn some songs in Setwana.. maybe i’ll type one day..

So that was November.. October Update to come in next week i think.. Life is moving fast can you believe i have given 8month of my life to BOTSWANA and to the people.. Giving of yourself for modeling, learning and sharing and teaching is really something especial…

By the way i wanted to share the link to my article in the UM SPH Magazine in case you have not seen it.

Calendar of Events for summer 2010..

Okay.. so i know it has been like years since i was last on here.. or even showed half of you that i was alive but the calendar of events will show you that life has been busy with work, activities and events. By the way it is summer time in Botswana… Season are as followed Summer- august-feb, Autum- march-May Winter May- July.. ( not sure about spring maybe it’s just august or a couple weeks between july and august. sept who know) Anyway.. this is what i have been doing.. Again the pictures are coming..

August 24- Sept 12- Gaborone for Peace Corps Training

Sept 19-24 Zanzibar, Botswana for Evidence Based Training Highlight: walking across the Limpopo River to South African Border.
Sept 24-26, Kumakwane, Botswana for Toyota Desert Race Highlight: Waking up at 5:30 for be at the starting line of the race.
Oct 1-2, Nata, Botswana Bird Sanctuary Highlight was Pink Flamingos, Camping under the stars.
Oct 9th: MCP theater competition: Youth Drama Groups in the District competed for placement in District world AIDS DAY which will be on DEC 8th. They wrote and performed 30-45minutes play on HIV AIDS impact on Youth and how haveing Multiple concurrent Partners impacts that . It was a Success. I was actually very happy to have planed the events. The office and children in the community enjoyed themselves i was glad.

Oct 14: Happy 50th Birthday Peace Corps..
Oct 16th: Serowe/Palapaye/ Moremi Gorge: All in one day almost Highlight: Reminded of the beautiful North Carolina Mountains and carolina Blue Skies.. sometime i miss home.. this was one day… also saw rhinos, zebras and giraffes… Oh yeah… and the car got stuck in the sand in the safari and we had to push it out. Nothing like being stuck around sunset on a game serve.. Eaten alive has new meaning.

Oct 24-26 Francistown National Training on Strategic Planning National Strategic Plan III
Nov 19-28th Maun.. Language week ( See Previous Post )
December 1 National World AIDS Day in Palapaye.. Theme: ” Universal Right and Access” (future post on this) Saw the President of Botswana.. he is a serious celebrity saw the US Ambassador and his UK counterparts, Look up Toni Blake.. she is HIP HOP ambassador for the US.. did not know such a thing exsisted but it is a really cool idea.. she works with youth using hip hop performance to initiate conversation on HIV and AIDS…( you later learn that her father died of HIV/AIDS so she has a personal commitment and passion for this). Entertained the Peace Corps Table.. Saw what other people around the country are doing on HIV/AIDS. Very interesting.. Good Speeches on need to make sure stigma is reduce and people are utilizing national programs PMTCT (Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission), Free ARV and IPT isonaized prevention treatment (TB prevention txt for HIV+ clients) enrollment, Backyard Gardening by all. Access to resources clinical, legal, social, etc.. is necessary and easily access when people feel open to knowing their status with out fear of stigma and maltreatment.. It is important for those infected and affected (esp..OVCs.. orphan and Vulnerable Children) by HIV and AIDS.

December 3.. Shashae Mooke World AIDS DAY (WAD):First of two WAD celebration in my district..this was sponsored with Catholic Relief Services i think.. who supports and OVC center/preschool in Shashae Mooke village.

December 8th: Tonota DISTRICT WAD in FOLEY Village.. Details in future post

December 13-17th.. MCP and STEPs ( Social Transformation Empowerment Project) Training for Peer Educators and Community Capacity for Community Conversation Facilitators. ( more on steps.. I love this program and encourage all who can to be trained to use STEPs. I have been trained and love it!!!!)

December 20-23.. evaluation for the past six month in Tonota and work plan development and Organizational Capacity planning for NGO/CBO.

Dec 24- 3/1/2011___ sleep, movies, gabs pc gathering, molepolole: host family visit, maybe capetown/ jburg


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